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Life Coaching and Mindfulness

There are two key factors that effect our health, wellbeing, and sense of balance: our relationship to the circumstances and events of our lives, and resultantly, how we choose to live our lives. Our lifestyle.

In Chinese medicine, health and wellbeing is measured by how closely our lives are aligned to the rhythms of the world, such as honoring the normal and predictable cycles in, and stages of life. Furthermore, this medicine makes no distinction between emotional and physical health—in addition to having healthy physical self-care practices in our lives, we need strategies to effectively digest our stress so we are free to make the choice moment to moment to live our most authentic self.

Contemporary society in the United States is not organized around the principle of holistic health or respect for nature nor our bodies. As such, each of us must become our own deepest advocate by learning new ways of existing in our society. All of us need help doing that, and that is the role of life coaching.

Life Coaching is just that—receiving support and guidance in learning to move beyond our blind spots or the places where we are stuck, so we can live life to our fullest potential and vitality.

At Transcend Health and Wellness, we seek to support you in developing the tools to achieve our namesake—to transcend simply being healthy or well, and live as your most vibrant and joyful self at each stage of your life.


In various spiritual practices, more ease and less pain or suffering is a result of having the right attitude towards our experiences in life, and having realistic expectations for those things that we like, and those we don’t like. We cannot choose or control all that happens to us, but we can actively choose and shift our perspective about our life. In this way, developing mastery over what happens in our consciousness and the ability to focus our attention at will essential determines our level of content and quality of life.

We create ourselves by how we invest our attention. Thus, learning skills to focus and sustain our attention at will is the most significant endeavor we can make in the task of improving the quality of our lives. Mindfulness not only allows us to better control our focus, but it also influences our sense of satisfaction in work, at home, and other aspects of our lives.
Some of the Benefits of Mindfulness  

  • More focus and ability to choose your attitude and consequently, your choices and actions

  • A greater sense of calm and emotional balance, less reactivity

  • Feeling less rushed even amidst lots of life activity

  • Deeper capacity to be present in your life, and for the the ones you love

  • Awareness of the beliefs that support you or hold you back, shifting long standing patterns and habits