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About Transcend Health and Wellness:

About Transcend Health and Wellness:

What makes you feel whole? What in your life or history prevents you from feeling totally whole? What does it mean to you, to transcend simply being healthy and well? What would your top five goals in life be if you health and wellness were taken care of?

Transcend Health and Wellness is an integrative, holistic health services clinic, combining 2500+ years of tradition in Chinese medicine with modern, biomedical research and evidence-based practice. We offer specialized care for mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions, as well as general/family medicine, women’s health, and adjunctive transgender care.


Core Philosophy


At Transcend, we believe our role is to empower and support you in being the agent of your healing process—we believe you are your own healer. We help facilitate this through customized treatment plans for each individual, applying both ancient and modern modalities to provide a powerful and safe alternative to exclusively Western medicine.

We also believe that healing essentially includes the evolution and development of your spirit and heart’s path, necessitating the transformation of past traumas to release one’s universe-given potential for the benefit of self and service to others.

Beyond San Francisco

Beginning in San Francisco but then offered in New Orleans, Portland, and now Bend, OR., Transcend has journeyed far and expanded to offer services in a variety of cities. Travel services to other cities and countries also available. Though Avery Grace, M.S., L.Ac. is the primary practitioner at Transcend, our team also includes a staff of dedicated interns, all of whom are current students of Traditional Chinese Medicine at various instituions, including the California Institute of Integral Studies where Avery was a faculty member.

Notes on Community Access Fund


Transcend Health and Wellness’s Community Access Fund is Avery Grace’s prototype hybrid model for facilitating access to care regardless of ability to pay. Though Transcend has established rates, it likewise is pioneering a generosity economics model that enables patients with more financial means to voluntarily contribute out of generosity and gratitude to subsidize the care of another patient with less financial privilege. At Transcend, we call this the Community Access Fund.

Patients who would like to pursue care but doubt their ability to afford the treatment plan may draw upon this fund to subsidize what they can pay at a given time. In this way, Transcend Health and Wellness seeks to offer financially accessible holistic care to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

If you would like to contribute to this, or draw from it to make your treatment plan accessible, please contact us or speak with your practitioner directly.

  • Initial consultation, health history, and treatment (75 minutes)- $180

  • Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment (45 minutes)- $120

  • Follow-up Herbal Medicine Consultation (40 minutes)- $95

  • In-person Amino Acid Therapy Consultation (40 minutes)- $120

  • Nutrition and Wellness Follow-up Consult (40 minutes)- $120

  • Follow-up Amino Acid Therapy Phone Consult (30 minutes)- $95



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