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Amino Acid Therapy

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Amino acid therapy is a therapeutic approach that rests on the theory that mental and emotional challenges are the result of an imbalance of our neurotransmitters, the chemicals in our brain responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses and resultantly, healthy function of our body, mind, and spirit. Examples of neurotransmitters that many people are familiar with are serotonin and dopamine, but there are many other types.

Neurotransmitters are created by the body when it has enough raw materials to do the job. In medicine we call these materials, “precursors”. The precursors for neurotransmitters are called amino acids—the building blocks of proteins, and we get them from our diet. The focus of amino acid therapy is the identify which neurotransmitters may be deficient based on a patient’s symptoms, and then to supplement the raw materials that the body needs to make more of what it does not have enough of in order to function appropriately.

When our brain has what it needs to do its job, we experience less of no symptoms such an anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc. The process of amino acid therapy begins with a thorough health history and patient intake, in which we explore the nature of your symptoms, when and how they have developed, and what aggravates of relieves them. There is also a targeted intake that seeks to identify which neurotransmitters may be out of balance and need attention as shown by your individual constellation of symptoms and challenges. Once this determines which transmitters need support, patients are then prescribed safe, free-form amino acids which are available over the counter. They will follow the prescription of the practitioner, and work in close connection with them over the next few weeks as the appropriate dose is identified.

Intensity of symptoms does not necessarily correspond to size of dosage, and so patient and practitioner working in close concert frequently at first is essential. This can be done in person as well as over the phone or video chat, making this form of therapy accessible even to patients across large distances.

As the correct dosage is identified, patient symptoms can and should dramatically improve. It is not uncommon for a patient to rate a particular symptom as an 8 or 9/10 in intensity, and once their dosage is found, to experience that same symptom as a 2, 1, or ideally, 0/10. This can happen quickly over the course of several weeks or a month. Once the dosage is found, patients will continue on this dose for some time while their brain chemistry rebalances. As this happens over time, patients will work with the practitioner to slowly titrate down their dosage.

The ultimate goal is for them not to need supplements indefinitely, that their amino acid needs are met by appropriate diet. This form of therapy always includes dietary guidance in order to achieve this goal.