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Here’s a growing gallery of clients who want to tell you about their experience at Transcend.

Janice, Diabetes and Digestion

“I came to Avery for some digestive problems. I was going to have to have a colostomy (a surgical operation in which an artificial opening is created to divert part of the colon) and what Avery did for me was really solve some fo the problems I was having”.

Clay, Spiritual Integration and Concentration

“I first came to Avery seeking some focus and direction for my life. I certainly have achieved that…the result of which is that my life has been much more calm and peaceful.”
Linda, PTSD and Trauma Recovery

I came to see Avery for acupuncture. I had been assaulted on the bus and had a fair amount of PTSD…after one treatment with Avery it disappeared”.

Paoi, Neck and Back Pain

“I came in to see Avery for acupuncture for the first time. I was skeptical at first, but I was surprised to find that I experienced relief almost instanteously.”