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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

The U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) echoes what the tradition of Chinese medicine has been saying for 5000 years, stating that “health is much more than the absence of disease”. Health is a positive quality, emphasizing physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well being. Optimum nutrition, providing all nutrients in both kind and amount, is the cornerstone of good health and the cutting edge of prevention”.

“The foods we eat, and the nutrients they should provide, are the most important continuing environmental factors influencing our growth, development, functional abilities, and health. How we structure our lifestyles, with proper nutrition, health habit discipline, and exercise programming, will have a greatest influence on personal health”

As well, throughout human history, across time and culture, there has been a collective understanding that there is no differentiation between food and medicine. Food is in fact the best medicine, and most chronic health problems in modern societies can be traced to our relationship to food (as well as stress). Our relationship to food is not limited to what we eat, but includes how much or how little we eat, as well as the manner in which we eat. Food quality, quantity, source, and mindfulness of eating are all significant factors influencing not just our health symptoms, but their prevention.

At Transcend, we seek to educate, facilitate, and equip patients with the tools needed to make conscious and holistic decisions about how to live their lives in alignment with health and wellbeing as it comes to nutrition. Practically, this can include:

  • An individualized diet in alignment with your treatment plan and wellness goals

  • Testing for food sensitivities which can cause chronic and low grade systems-wide symptoms (separate from food allergies)

  • Guidance in replacing or crowding out offending foods to reduce symptoms and promote vitality and wellbeing

  • Coaching around food selection, preparation, and cooking in order to make healthy eating accessible, fun, and delicious

  • Guidance around local and financially accessible healthy food sourcing